Statistics Digital Collection
The Iowa State University Library and Special Collections Department house a variety of statistics related collections documenting the advancement of statistical knowledge and methodology locally, nationally and internationally, and the establishment and development of the Statistical Laboratory and Department of Statistics at Iowa State University. For more collections on statistics and the Statistical Laboratory, search the library catalog or Special Collections, also refer to finding aids for complete lists of individual collections.


American Statistical Association
American Statistical Association Digital Collection Reports and proceedings (1838-72, 1978). ASA supports development, application, and dissemination of statistical science; and promotes sound statistical practice to inform public policy and improve human welfare. ASA finding aid. ASA website.
George W. Snedecor Papers
George W. Snedecor Papers Digital CollectionGeorge W. Snedecor, instrumental in bringing statistics to Iowa State, helped form the Statistical Laboratory (1933) and the Dept. of Statistics (1947). George W. Snedecor finding aid.


Michel Chevalier
Chevalier Correspondence with DansonChevalier Correspondence with John Towne Danson. Chevalier was a French statistician, economist, writer, editor, professor, engineer, and statesman.
Michel Chevalier finding aid.
"Roots of Iowa Stat Statistical Center"
Roots of the Iowa State Statistical Center "Roots of the Iowa State Statistical Center" is a brief history written by T.A. Bancroft. Published in 1980.


Statistical Laboratory Annual Reports
Statistical Laboratory Annual ReportsStatistical Laboratory Annual Reports. Formed in 1933 and the first of its kind in the nation, the Statistical Laboratory does consulting work and promotes statistical research. The annual reports also include the Dept. of Statistics, organized in 1947.
"The Statistical Laboratory of the ISC"
The Statistical Laboratory of the Iowa State College "The Statistical Laboratory of the Iowa State College" is a brochure from the Iowa State College Bulletin (May 15, 1940.)