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George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver.  Slave.  Student.  Researcher.  Scholar.  Teacher.  Inventor. Icon.  After receiving his education at Iowa Agricultural College (Iowa State University), Carver gained an international reputation during his career at Tuskegee University.  His research resulted in the creation of 325 products from peanuts, more than 100 products from sweet potatoes, and hundreds more from a dozen other plants native to the South. These products contributed to rural economic improvement by offering alternative crops to cotton that were beneficial for the farmers and for the land.  This digital collection contains images of Carver as well as letters and correspondence between Carver and Iowa State colleagues.  The majority of correspondence is to Carver's mentor, Dr. Louis Pammel, on a variety of scientific topics. 

Only a portion of the George Washington Carver collection housed in the Special Collections Department is represented in the digital collection. Refer to the finding aid for a complete list of Carver materials available through Special Collections.



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