Collections in the CYbrary document various aspects of the University over the years. The history of the University, student life and activities, evolution of the campus, and major events are represented through historic photographs, student writings, and past University publications. The Iowa State University Library and Special Collections Department house a variety of ISU archives. For more archive collections, search the library catalog or Special Collections, also refer to finding aids for complete lists of individual collections.


Ada Hayden
Ada HaydenAda Hayden was the first woman to earn a Doctor of Philosophy at Iowa State; she also became curator of the Herbarium, and added over 18,000 specimens to the collection.
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Adonijah Welch
Welch Digital CollectionA collection of speeches and writings of the first president of the Iowa State Agriculture College (Iowa State University) from 1869-1883.
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Aurora (early campus newspaper)
Aurora (early campus newspaper) Digital CollectionThe Iowa Agriculture College newspaper, "The Aurora" was published monthly by the students for the four literary societies on campus. It contains thoughts on culture, reading, and science, as well as notes on alumni, the campus, and student life.
Bomb (ISU Yearbook)
Bomb (ISU Yearbook) Digital CollectionThe Iowa Agricultural College/Iowa State University yearbook, the Bomb was published annually for the graduating classes of 1894 through 1994, with the exception of 1902. The digital collection includes the entire run of yearbooks, along with the Centennial Album. Bomb finding aid.


Carrie Chapman Catt
Carrie Chapman Catt Digital CollectionA suffragist, feminist, political activist, and Iowa State alumna who was president of the American Womans Suffrage Association.
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Commencement Programs
Commencement ProgramsISU Commencement Programs from 1871-1907, include the program plus the list of commencement week activities. Some include an invitation and names of expected graduates.


Curtiss-Wright Engineering Cadettes
Curtiss-Wright Engineering CadettesPhotos, publications, course materials, and ephemera documenting the Curtiss-Wright Engineering Cadettes at ISU during World War II. Finding aid.
George Washington Carver
link to George Washington Carver Digital CollectionThe George Washington Carver digital collection contains images of Carver as well as letters and correspondence between Carver and Iowa State colleagues. The majority of correspondence is to Carver's mentor, Dr. Louis Pammel.
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Green Hills
Green Hills Digital CollectionAn album of Iowa State memories published by the Iowa State University Alumni Association in 1975 to recognize the nation's Bicentennial.
Iowa State Center-Stephens Auditorium
iowa State Center-Stephens AuditoriumThe Iowa State Center was built as an educational, cultural, and athletic complex. This collection was created for the 50th anniversary of C. Y. Stephens auditorium, and contains images and documentation of both Stephens Auditorium and the Iowa State Center.


ISU Campus Planning and Buildings
ISU Campus Planning and BuildingsHistorical publications documenting the development and planning of the ISU campus and its buildings.
ISU Extension Collections
ISU Extension Collections Reflections on ISU Extension documents early development of the Extension Service from 1900-1924. Topics include educational trains, short courses, farmers' institutes, county agents, and the involvement of the Extension in World War I.


ISU Facilities Planning and Management
ISU Facilities Planning and Management Iowa State University Facilities Planning and Management is responsible for the maintenance of the campus grounds and buildings, the campus utilities system, and campus planning.
ISU Historical Maps
Iowa State University Historical Maps Iowa State University Historical Maps contain the first 100 years of campus maps, about one from each decade with more during years of campus expansion.


Iowa State University Veterinarian
Iowa State University Veterinarian
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Jack Trice
Jack TriceJack Trice was the first African-American athlete at ISU, competing in football and track. During his first football game, he suffered severe injures that resulted in his death. In 1997, the ISU football stadium was formally named after him.
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John Vincent Atanasoff
link John Vincent Atanasoff digital collectionThe digital collection contains images and documents related to John Vincent Atanasoff, Clifford Berry, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC), and the court case that established the ABC as the first electronic digital computer.
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Mary B. Welch
Mary B. WelchMary B. Welch developed and implemented the Department of Domestic Economy at Iowa State in 1875. The course combined elements of chemistry, botany, physiology, geology, and physics that applied to domestic economy.
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Origin and Early History of Iowa State College
Origins and Early History of Iowa State CollegeBenjamin F. Gue's account of the early history and founding of Iowa State College.
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Presidents of Iowa State University
Presidents of Iowa State UniversityThe installation of a new president at Iowa State University is cause for celebration and ceremony. These photographs, speeches, and programs document how these events have changed over time.


Richard A. Tewkesbury
Richard A. TewkesburyTewkesbury's expeditions through the Darien Jungle of Panama in 1939 and 1940 were taken to prove that the jungle and its inhabitants were not barriers to a Pan American Highway. Richard A. Tewkesbury finding aid.
September 29th Movement
September 29th MovementCollection documenting the September 29th Movement, the university’s response, and the naming of Old Botany Hall in honor of Iowa State alum Carrie Chapman Catt. A student led effort, the Movement’s focus was to rename Catt Hall due to controversial remarks Catt had made during her campaigns for women’s suffrage.


Sketch (literary magazine)
Sketch (literary magazine) Digital Collection
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University Photographs
University PhotographsUniversity photographs collection is a sampling of historical photographs documenting the various events, buildings, and people of the University, chosen from the Special Collections Department. Further information can be found at here.