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Alexander Lippisch airplane drawing

Alexander Lippisch Digital Collection


The Alexander Lippisch Papers (1897-1993, n.d.) located in Special Collections, contains biographical material, correspondence, scientific research, materials relating to patents, publications, photographs, and films. In addition to a rich array of material relating to Lippisch's work in aeronautical engineering, the collection also includes biographical material about Lippisch and publications and photographs related to general aviation history.

Scientific files document Lippisch's work designing sailplanes and gliders, delta winged aircraft, and aerodynes, as well as research involving aerodynamics, smoke tunnels, and ground effect. These files include materials such as calculations, data, statistics and experimental test results, and technical designs and conceptual drawings of aircraft designs. The collection also includes copies of patent applications for Lippisch's work as well as the work of other aeronautical engineers.

The Alexander Lippisch digital collection contains the technical designs and conceptual drawings for Lippisch's aeronautical designs including wingless aircraft, delta-wings, and aerodynes, as well as numerous photographic images of delta wings. Only a portion of the Alexander Lippisch cocdmllection housed in the Special Collections Department is represented in the digital collection. Refer to the finding aid for the complete list of Lippisch materials available through Special Collections.