Reflections on ISU Extension

Reflections on ISU Extension; this collection offers a brief record of the activities and reach of Extension work in Iowa during the period of 1900-1924. It features foundational pieces, such as reports, photographs, and many short course materials, as well as several unique, complementary pieces. These items are categorized by five subject areas: Significant People, Educational Trains, Short Courses and Farmers´ Institutes, Agricultural Progress, and World War I. For more information on ISU Extension see Extension Collections and search Special Collections or the library catalog.

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Significant OthersSignificant People
This is a brief introduction to four of the most significant and commonly addressed people involved in early Extension work. Included are photographs, and few informative pieces to familiarize you with each individual.

Martin L. Mosher:
 • Photograph
 • Correspondence from Martin L. Mosher to his son, Arthur

Perry G. Holden:
 • Photograph: Perry G. Holden
 • Photograph: Perry G. Holden and companion in the field

Ralph K. Bliss :
 • Photograph: Ralph K. Bliss
 • Seed corn demonstrations - Sioux County 1903, radio talk

Paul C. Taff:
 • Photograph: Paul C. Taff
 • Paul C. Taff interview: oral history

Educational TrainsEducational Trains
Educational trains offered many subject options including crops, livestock, and home economics. The items below include photographs, and offer insight into the lives of those involved with the educational trains.

 • Photograph: J.W. Jones lectures while M.L. Mosher displays corn testing box
 • Photograph: Hog train
 • Photograph: Oat train in Waukon

Articles and Records:
 • Diary of the seed corn train
 • Professor P.G. Holden - The Corn Train Foundation: radio talk

Short Courses and Farmers' InstitutesShort Courses and Farmers' Institutes
Many of the items that farmers would have encountered during the short course or farmers' institute are found here, as well as photographs and documents that give a realistic look into the experience.

 • Photograph: Corn short course taking place in the field
 • Photograph: Home economics short course in session
 • Photograph: Attendees of a short course
 • Photograph: Sheep judging short courses
 • Photograph: Short course in Charles City, Iowa

Community Engagement:
 • Mail advertisement for Johnson County Farmers' Institute and Short Course
 • Program - Sioux County Farmers' Institute
 • Guarantee pledge
 • Engagements other than short courses
 • An agricultural school on wheels
 • Requests for short courses (between 1902-08)

Question and Answer Packet:
 • Live stock short course questions
 • Live stock short course questions, answer guide

Lecture Notes and Lesson Plans:
 • Short course material: care of brood mares, draft foals, and stallions
 • Short course material: judging live stock, and the second lecture on horses
 • Short course material: judging beef cattle
 • Short course material: care and management of sheep
 • Short course material: feeding and management of swine
 • Outline of five lessons in agriculture
 • Outline of work for second year short course class

Agricultural ProgressAgricultural Progress
Extension farming led the way for advancement throughout Iowa. This group of items includes a number of articles and items documenting the breakthroughs and evolution of Extension policy and practices.

 • Photograph: 3 ears of corn, unhusked
 • Photograph: 3 ears of corn in different states
 • Photograph: Two men in a demonstration farm
 • Photograph: Corn yield test
 • Photograph: Corn breeding
 • Photograph: Farmers' variety test
 • Photograph set: cars and clothing of county agents

Reports on Progress:
 • Report on farm bureau women's meeting
 • Report of Annual Conference of Field Agents and Agricultural Extension Specialists
 • Extension reports and comments, 1909
 • Plan of work for the Public School Divison of the Department of Agricultural Extension
 • Report of the Animal Husbandry Division of the Agricultural Extension, 1910
 • Report and comments of agricultural and home economics Extension work in Iowa
 • Reports from Clinton County silo users

As Told By The Extension Service Department:
 • Extension heritage: commemorating 50 years of Extension work in Iowa, 1956 (video)
 • The first Extension work in Clinton County, Iowa
 • Fiftieth anniversary of Sioux County farm demonstration Extension work
 • Some of the things a county expert would do
 • Agricultural work in Clinton County, Iowa

One Farmer's Progress:
 • George M. Allee record book

World War IWorld War I
Included here are a few materials that would have been passed around to farming families to promote participation in the war efforts, and reports discussing the results and aftermath of the war efforts.

Getting Involved:
 • War emergency farm bureau Extension circular
 • Boys! Serve your country on the farms advertisement

Food Production Soars:
 • War food production work in Iowa in World War I
 • Food production from 1916-1920